Each of the products supplied by Auxiel is verified under the most demanding quality criteria:

  • Acquisition of certified Raw Materials from evaluated and audited producers

  • Manufacturing under the strictest quality controls

  • Rigorous final inspection criteria prior to the shipment of materials

In order to meet the highest expectations of its customers, Auxiel subjects its products to rigorous electromechanical tests in accredited laboratories, testing, among other aspects, environmental and seismic tolerances, tightness, tensile strength, conductivity, durability, and corrosion resistance. , hardness, etc.

This Quality Assurance system has been part of the philosophy of our company since its beginnings, first with the implementation of its own Quality Assurance system, passing multiple inspections from the most prestigious inspection companies of the time (Bureau Veritas, ATISAE, SGS, INTA, among others) and later being ratified in 1997, by obtaining quality certification according to ISO 9001 from AENOR.

Auxiel is an approved supplier in all electricity companies in the countries in which it has its own representation.